A long tail boat motor for any shallow water.

When you need to get to the hard to reach places,
the Scavenger is the ultimate boat motor for any shallow water. If you need a boat motor for those shallow, muddy, rocky places a Scavenger boat motor is for you!

The Scavenger has it all with the durable design.

  • The frame is made of quality galvanized tubing to protect against the elements. 

  • The virtually indestructible propeller is made from a high strength steel that that enables your boat motor to stands up to mud, sand, rocks, and trees.

  • The belt drive is like a built in shock absorber that protects the drive train and adds extra pushing power for those heavy loads.




When fishing, duck hunting or just exploring those
shallow lakes and rocky rivers you need a
Scavenger outboard motor.

The Handle

The large handle makes it easier to handle the motor while maneuvering in shallow water. The Scavengers hoop style handle lets the operator turn the boat equally in both directions without having to move out of the way like a tiller handle. This design helps the operator maintain control in the shallows with the ability to use both hands anywhere on the wide handle.  The handle also allows for a full 90 degree turn capability in either direction.  The Scavenger can be comfortably operated either standing or sitting.


The Drive

The belt drive is the shock absorber for the Scavenger. This eliminates costly repairs to the machine for when you do run it aground. Scavengers are made to take the punishment of rocks and weeds encountered in shallow water applications. The see through guard enables you to monitor the drives condition. The Kevlar reinforced belt, can be easily replaced and is an "off the shelf" product.

The Propeller

We use an auger type prop that cuts through vegetation easily. It is made of auger plating and will withstand rocks, mud, tree limbs, etc. The skeg and upper surface fin direct the water through the prop. The tubular construction of the shaft cover is uncluttered and will allow the motor to slip through congested areas without tangles. The auger type propeller is designed to protect your engine from damage if you do run aground. Since we are using a belt drive we are able to change the ratio of the drive.  This enables us to use a larger propeller for that extra pushing power and torque.




Another great mud motor.

The SB670P for only $2520.00!

This shallow water Scavenger is using the Predator 670cc engine.

You get an awesome mud motor at a great price.