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Above: The first Scavenger.

Right: Steven Wells, President of
Scavenger Backwater Motors.


This design started many years ago when a customer asked us to make an outboard motor for shallow water use. What developed was a virtually indestructible propeller that could withstand mud, rocks, weeds and whatever else a boater could encounter. A machine so light and durable, yet so simple that anyone could service it. A Scavenger was born! The Wells family has been developing projects for generations. David Wells the primary designer of the SCAVENGER BACKWATER BOAT MOTOR , has been instrumental in such projects as the Uniliftby PacCraft, the Futura woodsplitter by Futura Corp. and the Log Boss wood splitter by Log Boss Mfg. In 2004 David Wells retired and turned the company over to his son Steven. Steven has restructured the assembly line to facilitate increased production and now has a policy of shipping every motor within two a week period.

We strive for customer satisfaction, and we are sure you will be thrilled with our SCAVENGER  BACKWATER BOAT MOTORS.