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Dear Steve,
“We couldn’t make it to the ducks if we didn’t have the Scavenger” – Paul & Traci Maloney




Dan Zimmerman from Minnesota writes:

The motor that we bought from you rocks! My brother and I love it! We are very impressed as to how quick it is and where we can go with it. The motor has been great,(we purchased it in the fall of 2007), so I've run it through the ropes on the Minnesota River fishing and a whole season out on Swan Lake chasing ducks. These two geese would not be in the bag with out my Scavenger Backwater Motor. I was grinding gravel the entire way to the spot, probably 1 river mile.


I bought the 6.5 hp scavenger motor this year for my layout boat for hunting ducks, this motor is built like a tank. It has plenty of power, and takes me where the ducks are, it has saved a lot of time and effort, no more dragging the boat. I have also used it to haul lumber across the lake on a 12 foot jon boat for building a new duck blind, and couldn’t believe the power it has. It has no problem cutting through the mud and weeds. I have put this motor to the test, and it capabilities cease to amaze me. Will recommend Scavenger Backwater Motors to my friends. I have attached a picture of the layout boat setup.

Joel M. Wilhite


Hi, I wanted to let you know that my buddy and I shot two limits of mallards last weekend in a little under an hour, mainly because we were able to get to a spot that the other boats couldn’t get to on the public marsh we were hunting. I powered through thick cattails in 4 inches of water and thick mud while towing my buddy in another layout boat behind mine!! There were 5 other boats and numerous walk-in groups out that day, and we were the only ones shooting!!! I bet they couldn’t wait for us to leave!! Thanks for a great product and a great price!

Steve Archer
Ankeny, Iowa


Chris is from Iowa and writes,
“Steve, thanks for the “tune up” recently. As I told you when I was there I can’t say enough about how good this set up works for me. I can get into areas I had to walk into before. I’ll sent you pictures of my new Chesapeake jumping out of the boat with another fine retrieve, because I was able to get where the ducks are!”

Chris Thenhaus


Dear Steve,

This pic is just in from our recent trip to Canada. Pictured is your 13 HP Vanguard powered motor on our newest boat, the Chuck Huff MLBBSB.

I never cease to be amazed by your motors, and with our newest boat offering, I am already enjoying a wonderful hunting season.

Keep up the great work!

God Bless,

Mark Rongers President; Mighty Layout Boys LLC


Darin Noorda from Utah

Buzzy1 Buzzy2

From Buzzy Dorbandt

Arroyo City, Texas

Hello, i bought a scavenger 5.5hp short (60″) back in september and i just wanted to drop you a note and let you how it is doing and how i like it. now that duck season is here i finally get to put some hours on this motor and put it to the test. i looked at alot of mud motors before i bought your product and my determing factor on buying yours was 1) weight 2)price 3)different engine options. i put this engine on a 12ft porta-bote and use it 99% of the time in our swamp. i run in about 6-12 inches of log infested and stump infested water. i had a nissan 5hp before and busted the lower unit gears twice before buying your motor. i’m very happy with the motor. it performs very well and the handle is perfect. at fist i didn’t think i would like the handle but once i operated it i could’nt imagine just a single long handle thats on the other motors. i did shorten the handle approx 3inches on each side and slid it back for room. i also had to bend the stop bar down because the transome on the porta-bote is straight up and down, not angled. i’m very happy with the tecumsa engine. i’m glad i chose that option. very good product, very well made. does exactly what i wanted. it pushes two men, a dog, decoys and guns through mud, thick grass, over beaver stobs and logs, and the prop on this motor i dont think you could destroy.
thanks again
please use me as a referance
richard woods
Mechanicsville VA

Just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you for sending the new kill switch for my 13hp Honda. Also, I wanted to give you some feed-back on this past weekend. I have a 1436 jon and honestly this boat does not allow the motor to demonstrate its full potential. However, I think of this motor as a diesel because the torque is phenominal. I was out about a mile and a half on saginaw bay out of Sebewaing hunting divers. A 24ft pontoon with 4 people, all the gear, and two dogs had their motor go out. I towed them back. The torque on this motor was going to pull the front end of this pontoon under the water, it was amazing. This motor pulled this pontoon back as if nothing was behind us. I wish I had a camera.

best regrds,

Steve Pittiglio

I purchased a 12hp scavenger after Christmas and have been putting together a duck boat. My boat is 16 ft with an Avery blind. Yesterday, was the first time I had a chance to try it out. AWESOME! The boat was easy to steer/handle and it had plenty of power. Thanks a lot I really am impressed with the motor.

Chris Brock

First day with my 13 HP Scavenger

I finally got a chance to run my 13 HP Scavenger today. I have it mounted on a 1648 Alumacraft NCS. Counting the fact that the engine is new and is very tight (needs breaking in) it ran great.
I had 3 people, coolers and fishing gear that weighed around 600 lbs, add to that the engine weighs around 120 lbs. Boat, motor, people and gear the boat was close to 1000 lbs.
We experimented with moving all the people load back to the center of the boat rather than having a person on the front deck. The boat ran better and we picked up a couple of MPH. With proper weight distribution the 13 HP Scavenger pushed us around 15 MPH (guess) with two large wakes on either side of the boat, on plane, with the bow high and free of the water.
Later we were fishing mud flats and catching some good mud cats on shrimp and minnows. In areas I used to pole for 100’s of yards I just cranked the Scavenger and idled along watching for stumps and downed trees. I kept hearing a rubbing on the bottom of the boat and noticed we were running in less than 4″ of water. The Scavenger was plowing thru soft mud and pushing just like it does in water.
The Scavenger is a great little engine for the type of thin water fishing and hunting we do. It does a great job in the open lake as well. I recomend the 13 HP electric start if your boat will support the weight. They are wonderful motors.


David Malloy

Dear Scavenger Backwater motors(Steve),

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy i am with the SB13HE backwater unit that i purchased from you about 4 years ago.I have had a chance to compare my Scavenger to my buddies GoDevil & MudBuddy,which theirs vibrate til your hand is numb & h.p. for h.p.& weight for weight the Scavenger will outrun them on digging & m.p.h.! (Little story)My brother was thought to be in trouble in the woods during a hunt day in the winter. While 2 of my friends were breaking ice & pushing their boat across the mud to get to him, i started my Scavenger,let it warm up approx.20 secs.,dropped the motor through the ice into the mud & shot out like a rocket.These words came from my friends that watched me do what i was able to do with the unit that i got from you guys due to the fact that all i remember was that my brother needed help! There were 2 great outcomes that day :(1) i was able to get to him quick (thanks to your Scavenger) & (2) and foremost my brother turned out to have no harm to him.
Thanks for a great product,
Bryan J Loveless,SR

I know you are familiar with the story of how Goldie Locks could not find just the right bed.

My story is similar.

I bought a 10hp GoDevil for my boat. It was not fast enough.
I bought a 23 hp GoDevil for my boat. It was too fast.
I bought a 16hp GoDevil for my boat. It was just right in terms of speed but was too heavy and too hard to operate.

Then I found Scavenger’s web site.

Your motor is just right.

This is my second duck season using your product and I love it. The handle design is fantastic. With the GoDevil motors I had to extend myself out over the side of the boat to make a hard turn. With your horseshoe styled handle I can weave my way into the flooded timber and not risk falling out of the boat. Not only does the handle design minimize my chances of falling out, but also minimizes the effort required to operate a motor of this type, that is important for a man who has had 7 back surgeries and both hips replaced.

I have had no mechanical failures except when I broke the kill switch off. I appreciate you overnighting me the replacement part.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product.

Thanks for a great toy!

Jim Tipton

I already own a model “a” 5 1/2hp. For all you north Alabamians and you southern Tennessee
guys. I went from Hanawa bridge in Elk river to Vinna Mills dam up Richland creek and didn’t
once get out of the boat! I’m talking 8″-10″ water gravel and rock bottom against the current! The
boat was 14’X36″wide loaded with two full grown men, both their fishing gear, a trolling motor
with a full size marine battery. Scavenger is the way to go!
Then later Emailed with this.

I was going up Richland creek, as I stated in the guest sign in book, and there was a couple
of groups of catfish grapplers grappling the shallows. They watched in awe as we crossed
the ruins of an old gris mill dam on the second attempt because they were snickering from
the hangup the first time. The second group of grapplers we came upon were in a narrower
part of the creek. We stopped and asked if we were going to mess them up by coming
through. The lead guy looked up the creek about 50ft at the fall (about 2′ rise spanning 5′
length with rocks sticking out of the water) and he motioned us to come on like I wanna see
them come through this. We took to the right as far away from them as possible and crossed
it full throttle. About 3/4 of the way up the prop chewed up a little gravel so they new how
shallow it was. On the way back down just floating he engaged us and said ” I like your
motor there”. I told him I could get him one and he asked how much. I told him $900
dollars and he said what do you call those things. I said Scavenger Motors. He asked my
name several times so to remember it and said he’d be calling me.

Stephen Pepper

I finally got a break to try out my new SCAVENGER 5&1/2 hp motor and
man, it was worth the wait! I took it out on a small backwater creek that
empties into the Chesapeake Bay. I had decided from the start that I was not
going to hold back and torture this motor with all the nastiness I could find
to get into.
I ran it in 6″ of water over a GOOEY MUD botom to try to bog the motor down…
Couldn’t do it!

I ran it in 3 to 6″ of water over HARD SAND to get stuck…
Couldn’t do it!

I ran it through BAY GRASS thick enough to stop any boat short of a small
canoe, trying to find the limit to the abilities of this motor…
Couldn’t find it!

It was like driving a tank!

Next weekend (hopefully) I’m going down to the Shenandoah River to put it up
against the rocks and gravel, but from what I’ve found so far, It should be a
piece of
cake! I’ll let you know how it goes…



I am taking my son out next weekend for our Youth Waterfowl opener I will get some cool shots for your website. Hopefully we do well the Great Salt Lake is a little low and I dont know how many local birds are around but I should be able to get you a few action shots of the boat in action. You guys have some of the best customer service I have had the chance to work with and you have made me a true believer of Scavenger Motors. I can’t tell you how many times at the boat launch people come up to check out my motor! Thanks again and take care.

Cody Brice
Comments: Dear Sir,
I was recently moving my scavenger motor out of my garage and bumped the throttle on the handle and broke the throttle mount how can I get another one of these. Oh, btw I am still loving my motor and have a couple of buddies considering putting them of a couple of layout boats.

Cody Brice
Excellent motor so far very happy with the torque of the motor. It was also a snap to throw together and get on the boat. I appreciate all the personalized attention I got when I had questions during installation.